Evolution of a Food Product

Og throw lucky spear. Village feast on wild boar tonight.

We build smokehouse. Save meat for winter.

This for me and my family. Get your own.

Spices improve flavor and help preserve meat.

You know, for a small percentage, we’ll butcher that pig so you don’t have to. You can concentrate on the hunting — and the eating.

We grow wheat, winnow and mill it, and bake it into bread. Put your meat between two slices and eat it — very filling.

It’s called money. You can use it to buy food at the store.

Preservatives increase the shelf life of our product.

Yes, of course I mean 100% of the meat is pork. Not 100% of the whole thing. Not a speck of beef or turkey in there.

If you’ve had another child, that’s your responsibility. You can’t expect society to bear the cost.

Mass production and mass marketing allow us to increase our market share.

Our latest product is the pork yumwich, with bread, vegetables, special sauce, and paper-thin sliced pork.

The use of flavor enhancers make it possible to produce this item at lower cost, fattening our bottom line.

Is there any way to make this product without using any actual meat?

Copyright (c) 2019 by Jennifer Freeman