The third war

Ever since the beginning of World War 2, in 1939, our Earth has not gone a single day when there wasn’t a war being fought. Many of these were “small wars” between two opposing sides that most far-away people never heard of. But lately some bigger wars — wars that have come to the attention of the West — have been started.

The first of these of course was the Russian attack on Ukraine. Now in its third year, this has mostly been a proxy war where Ukraine has been supported by other nations, mostly western NATO members. Part of the reason was so these other nations could test out their fancy new drone technology on a real battlefield. This war has gone on for so long we’re starting to take it for granted (which, of course, is a bad thing).

The second war was Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip where many Palestinians live. The trigger for this was Hamas’ taking of Israeli hostages; in an attempt to get them back, Israel has been vigorously attacking the strip in an action that nearly approaches genocide.

And now we have a third war, between Iran and Israel. This started when Israeli fighter jets fired 6 missles into the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi and others. This is significant because Commander Zahedi was at the heart of the munitions supply chain of Iranian-made missiles to Hezbollah. The modern “rules of warfare” consider an attack on a consulate to be out-of-bounds.

Iran attempted to punish Israel by firing over 300 missles and drones into it, but around 99% of these were intercepted and shot down. Since then, Israel and Iran have been launching attacks on each other, but so far this has been a very limited war. By the time you read this, however, it may have escalated.

This “third war” of today has the potential to turn nuclear, and the result could be the beginning of World War 3 (I hope that doesn’t happen, of course). But tensions are running high, and an itchy finger could push the button before thinking it through.

But is it the War Of Revelation?

Many commenters on many chat sites have commented on the similarities between what is happening today in the Middle East and the big “final war” as described in the Bible Book Of Revelation. It is my opinion that this war is not the War Of Revelation; although it may have been “a dress rehearsal” for it. The Bible is pretty specific on what has to happen first and those things have just not happened.

The Dome Of The Rock

The third-holiest place in Islamic history is the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. It is the place where Muhammed was miraculously transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to Al-Aqsa during the night, and then directly to heaven. All of which would be unimportant to our story, except for the fact that it is also the place where the first and second Temples Of Solomon were built by the Jews to honor their god. According to Jewish lore, the temple MUST be rebuilt and it MUST be in the same place as before. And you can’t have 2 things in one place — if that were possible, we could just create a second Palestine and give one to the Muslims and the other one to Israel.

While Jewish law prohibits the destruction of a religious site belonging to a different religion, there are signs that influential Israelis are wanting to do just that. There is an excavation going on just outside the mosque, which could dig tunnels under the walls of the mosque and cause it to fall (with or without priests blowing on trumpets.

All of this could trigger the War Of Armageddon which will kill millions if not billions of people. I’d like to see this avoided, but the fact is there are plenty of people who want this war of destruction to happen as quickly as possible. There are both Jewish and Christian extremists who believe the final destructive war will create the opening for the Messiah to finally come. Christian zealots believe Jesus will return in the second coming, and Jewish zealots believe the Messiah will be a newcomer, someone who will take charge and finally set everything right.

But I’d rather avoid all that death and destruction, thank you. And these prophecies will create opportunities for tricksters to show up and pretend to speak for God. Who knows where we could end up if we give control of our planet to them?

Film at 11 (By that I mean, of course, that this is a breaking story and you’ll just have to wait for more information).

I’m sorry this article has been delayed but I had to go into the hospital for a while. I’m back now, and ready to post to this blog again.

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