About Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer T. Freeman, author and blogger
Jennifer T. Freeman

Born into a challenging set of circumstances, Jennifer Freeman has long sought a better way of life for herself and others. Especially interested in reducing the problems all people face, she has looked into various ways people have tried to make that happen.

Determined to escape the growing insanity of her native USA, with its endless wars, fake democracy, and rollback of civil rights, she moved to Europe in 2007 and has not looked back.

She has now accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the human condition, and has started this blog in an attempt to share it with others. Her review of the book “Uneducated” by Tara Westover includes some more insights into her own background.

In addition, she edited Where Few Have Gone Before, a Star Trek fanzine from the 1990’s.

Feel free to comment on her blog posts or contact her by email at jenfree@freshnewideas.eu.