How To Take Over

Taking Over

Want to take over a business, organization, or government? If you have the time and resources, you can do it.

First of all, forget about throwing your hat in the ring and going straight for the top job. You won’t succeed, at least not without doing these other steps first. Instead, aim to become the power behind the scenes; not the guy with status, visibility, and a fancy office.

Get a job in the group you want to take over, and get your friends in there too. Every time a promotion becomes available, recommend one of your own for the position. Tear down other candidates where you can. Make it look like your guy is the only logical choice for the job. When your people start getting into positions of authority, make sure they only hire your friends, especially for the best jobs.

When your people control all the slots at one level of the company, such as all the vice-presidential positions, that means they effectively control the whole company. It works this way for taking over a government/country, too. Eventually a chance will come along to replace the top guy, with you and your friends finally being in a position to influence the outcome — then get one of your own in there fast — not necessarily yourself, just someone loyal to you.

But never use your influence to put a family member into a good job in your company — nepotism is looked down upon, and is too easily criticized as being obvious favoritism. Let your buddy in another company put one of your family members into a good spot, and put one of your buddy’s relatives into a good position in yours.

Your Cadre

To be able to do this at all, you need a cadre of like-minded people. Create an organization, with both visible and hidden goals — the visible goals could be supporting charities, regular meetings, group dinners, and other enjoyable social activities.

The hidden goals are prosperity and advancement for the members. This is done by watching out for opportunities — such as well-paying management jobs or lucrative contracts — and steering them to your devoted members. Remember, there is more talent out there than opportunity, so there is always some flexibility as to who gets what. Use whatever influence you’ve garnered to help your friends.

Let the world know that you help your members achieve success by improving their abilities; but don’t let on that secret preferential treatment is a major part of that. If people accuse your group of favoring their own, just admit it, and say every group does it — without going into details about exactly how you do it.

Demand the highest level of moral behavior from your people (but naturally that doesn’t apply to you). Your highest aims should be hidden goals to be known only to the select few — such as wanting to control an entire industry, government, or even continent — or remaking society itself into your own idea of what it should be.

The best recruits are men who are ambitious, and don’t mind taking a few moral shortcuts to get where they want to be. Avoid those who want to “do the right thing”; don’t actively recruit them, and if they do join, don’t advance them to positions of responsibility. Women tend to be more compassionate; don’t let them pull the group in the direction of being nice to everyone.

Rising Above

Once this cadre is in place, use them to help each other and yourself rise above the lowly common people. Help your lower-ranking members achieve success, and they will be more than happy to help you achieve the bonanza you’ve been aiming for.

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