The difference between cats & dogs

Many households across the world have enhanced their lives with a household pet.

But what pet should you get?

Everybody knows that cats and dogs are different, although most fail to see the most important difference between cats & dogs, as described here:


Dogs are not particular about where they eliminate. They have to be carefully trained to go where their owners want them to; if not, they pretty much relieve themselves anywhere they are. In fact, they only place where they won’t poop is their own doggy bed, making their sleeping place their bed and their the rest of the world their toilet, like this:

A dog’s view of the world


Cats on the other hand are very fastidious. They carefully squat in their catbox, do their business, then meticulously bury their wastes.

But cats are lazy — they can fall asleep just about anywhere, although I’ve never seen a cat take a nap in their own catbox. So their catbox is their toilet and the rest of the world their bed, like so:

A cat’s view of the world
So there you have it. Cats and dogs are different, and now you know how. 😉