Food Should Be Prepared And Served With Love

Prepared And Served With Love (P.A.S.W.L.) means looking for the smiles on their faces as they sit down to eat.

P.A.S.W.L. means knowing what they enjoy eating and being sure to serve it once a week or more.

P.A.S.W.L. means watching to see if they clean their plates and if so making more the next time.

P.A.S.W.L. means treating food as a celebration of life, love, happiness, and of course, itself.

P.A.S.W.L. means using plenty of the good ingredients — sugar, butter, and salt — to make it tasty.

P.A.S.W.L. means knowing the more they eat the better you’ve done your job.

P.A.S.W.L. means emphasizing the pleasure and comfort of the moment, no matter what the cost is later in terms of weight gain or health problems.

P.A.S.W.L. means keeping a supply of their favorite snack foods available, making sure they know where you keep them, and letting them have as much as they want whenever they want.

P.A.S.W.L. means knowing how to get them to eat more. Always serve the most tempting foods at the end of the meal. Bring out a plate of snacks afterward.

P.A.S.W.L. means dismissing any complaints with, “you ate it, didn’t you?”

P.A.S.W.L. means as soon as a bottle, can, or jar of beverage or snack is empty, getting another one from storage and putting it in the fridge or pantry right away so it’s there when they want it.

P.A.S.W.L. means making eating easy and stopping hard.

P.A.S.W.L. means digging their grave with a fork and spoon.