Colds And Flu Forever!

So you have a bad cold. You get to stay home and stay in bed, and if you’re lucky, have someone bring you food. But it always comes to an end. Just by following a few simple steps, you can make your cold or flu last forever!

Did you know that a cold or flu has no symptoms? That’s right, there is no runny nose, no sneezing, and no pain that comes from colds or flu. These things come from your own body’s immune system, which is fighting the disease, and causing these unpleasant feelings as a side effect. So all you need to do is disable your immune system and you’ll feel fine! And, since your body is no longer working against your cold or flu, it will last indefinitely!

Allopathy, your friend

But before I say anything more, let’s talk about the subject of allopathy. Allopathy is that branch of medicine that tries to undo any changes that happen in your body. If you have a fever, then the correct allopathic treatment would be a fever reducer, such as aspirin. Ignore the fact that fever is the body’s way of healing — concentrate on eliminating those sick feelings, and forget that the underlying ailment is not being allowed to heal.

An anti-allopath will tell you not to do this — just tough out the illness until it goes away on its own, usually within 24 hours if you don’t try to “treat” it. (But even the staunchest anti-allopath will use a fever reducer if they get up to 40° C / 104° F — temperatures that high are dangerous and need to be brought down immediately.)

Fortunately for you, however, most doctors are allopaths. And nonprescription remedies for this type of illness are all over the drugstores. Just take your choice and feel better fast. (But stay away from anything with zinc in it. Zinc tablets, taken once a week, will help keep colds and flu away.)

Feeling well

If you feel better and better while you’re getting sicker and sicker on the inside, you’ve got it right. If you get in the habit of neglecting your body’s internal conditions, you may die early — but at least you’ll do so feeling well, right until the moment you keel over.